I remember a time in my life, when I had no goals or aspirations, always thinking my life was so comfortable – hanging out with friends, playing games, eating fast food, and watching T.V. That was called childhood. Now thinking back I realised that I had no drive; with no intention to achieve more than I had. I was so content with the life I lead; It was not until recently I finally ‘grew up’ and understood I needed to change my mindset.

Today, we worry too much about peoples emotions, self-worth and opinions, that we fear their feelings might get hurt when we speak. We have developed a way of protecting their beliefs at a young and juvenile age, which does not prepare them for the future. With the constant gratification and affirmation of their self-worth, they do not feel the need to improve themselves. – instead, they expect that everything is given to them, that they feel entitled to the world without having to work for it.

When we think about having a Mindset, we assume it is a fixed state of mind that is influenced by our parents, environment, culture, and society that raised us. In most cases, this assumption would be correct, but when we need to take a more in-depth look and consider how a mindset manifests. So we can deconstruct it and understand that the mentality that you have today is not the mindset you will have for the rest of your life; as some would have you believe. It is an evolving concept that with the right catalyst can drastically alter the ‘state of mind’ of an individual. This ties into the idea of a person’s mentality that we are limited to the ability that we perceive we have. We can also consider that a mindset is a method in which some individuals perceive and handles life’s expected, and unexpected situations – that it dictates the way you make decisions, how you interact with others and handle difficult scenarios.

In this article, I wanted to share the idea that your mindset and mentality is not a fixed state of mind; that it can be reconstructed and redesigned with the right catalysts. These catalysts include Love, Career, Mentor, or loss of a loved one. – Even a small act of kindness from a stranger can push you into a different state of mind. The only way to know if your life can be happier and more fulfilling life is to get out there and interact, experience and explore new environments; Get out of your comfort zone and take the initiative to grow.

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